Ancient Poems on Lantern Festival

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   On the month of Liu Shao head, after Evening Liaison. -Ouyang Xiu's "Birth Check, The Lantern Festival"

   On the eve of the New Year last year, Fair lights As Bright As Day. -Ouyang Xiu's "Birth Check, The Lantern Festival"

   Meet Me in St. Louis Closes, Xing Bridge Tiesuo Opens. -Su Weidao's "The 15th Night of the First Month"

   Lantern Festival Competitions Watch cailianchuan, BMW Car Picks up Falling twinkle. -Jiang Baishi's "Poetry, Lantern Festival Debate and cailianchuan"

   Who can sit idle when seeing the moon, and where can I smell the light?. -Cui ye's "six songs on the eve of the last lunar month"

   On the eve of the new year, the moon and the light are still the same.. -Ouyang Xiu's "Birth Check, The Lantern Festival"

   Thousands of doors unlocked and thousands of light moved to Beijing in the middle of the first month.. -Zhang Hu (poet)'s Night Lights on the 15th of the First Month

   Love the scenery of Lantern Festival, the moonlight in ChanJuan and the bright lights.. -Lost Name "Winning laurels, Yuanxiao"

   Moonlight Lights Mountain Full of Imperial City, Car Baogai Pass Thoroughfare. -Li Shangyin's "Watching Lights and Music"

   Jin Wu couldn't help the night, jade leakage mo phase rush. -Su Weidao's "The 15th Night of the First Month"

   The Lantern Festival, harmony with the weather, the second time there is no wind and rain. -Li Qingzhao's Yongyule Sunset Melts Gold

   Don't have a thousand golden smiles, come to the front of nine branches.. -Lu Zhaolin's "Fifteen Nights Watching the Lights"

   Jin Li held an aromatic banquet while Lan Gang Yan was in her early years.. -Lu Zhaolin's "Fifteen Nights Watching the Lights"

   In my spare time, I did not see the prosperity. I was ashamed to chase the villagers to compete with Zigu.. -Li Shangyin's "Watching Lights and Music"

   What do I do for a gown, too, in the laughter of tourists?. -Yuan Haowen "Kyoto The Lantern Festival"

   Red tape color remote points, numerous light far compose day. -Lu Zhaolin's "Fifteen Nights Watching the Lights"

   Jade leaking silver pot and don't rush, iron GuanJinSuo fully open. -Cui ye's "the first of six songs of the last yuan night"

   At night when the east wind blows in the purple mansion. -He Zhu "Siyue People, Zifu Dongfeng Night 汇盛国际 Time"

   Why do you come south again to see the Chongyang Medicine Market and The Lantern Festival Dengshan? Spend ten thousand people happy place, Xie hat hanging whip. -Land Tour

   Three hundred people even sleeve dance, at that time the sky with words. -Zhang Hu (poet)'s Night Lights on the 15th of the First Month

   See say horse home drops powder well, try lamp wind inside sell yuanxiao. -Fu Zeng "Shangyuan Zhuzhi Ci"

   Look at the lights, remember the time of year. -Zhao Ji's "Drunken and Desperate, Anticipating Scenes, Longmen Remembering Ming …"

   Five o'clock strikes and music is scattered, and ten o'clock in inside is full of bright lights.. -He Zhu "Siyue People, Zifu Dongfeng Night Time"

   Xiao drum loud, figures vary, fragrance musk deer all over the road. -Zhou Bangyan's Love, Lies Shangyuan

  This evening is Yuanxiao in the old garden. I sit alone in the village of Mang.. -Wang Yangming's "The Lantern Festival II"

   Looking at thousands of doors like the day, laughing and swimming. -Zhou Bangyan's Love, Lies Shangyuan

   The altar wine ice slurry fine, yuan night invited guest lights new. -Zhao Shichun's "Yuanxiao Drinking Tao Zongrong's Two Poems"

   Not dark dust and bright moon, at that time the yuan night. -Jie Jiang's Woman Crown Prince The Lantern Festival

   When listening to Yuanxiao, I feel sorry for myself this year. I have thousands of worries and grievances.. -Pan Wang's "Ancient The Moon Lantern Festival"

   Good Lights Fight for People's Differences. -Zhao Ji's "Drunken and Desperate, Anticipating Scenes and Longmen Remembering Ming ."

   The mist is fragrant and the shade is not clear. At first glance, the weather is bright and the Lantern Festival is over.. -Zhou Duan minister "magnolia slow, give away the officer of nine China"

   The snow is small in Jiuqu, the moon is light in thousands of doors, and the Lantern Festival lantern is near.. -Chao Duanli's Waterdragon Singing on the Moon

   Want to tonight, also for the new moon, across Light Cold, where the bridge. -Zhao Ruyi's Love Embroidered Bedclothes and Willow Silk

   Fragrance turns the laurel shade, candle light is thin, red oozes the elm steps, and treasures fade evenly.. -Zhao Shichun's "Yuanxiao Drinking Tao Zongrong's Two Poems"

   The group of products are flourishing, and peace is still at its leisure.. -Zhao Shichun's "Yuanxiao Drinking Tao Zongrong's Two Poems" (责任编辑:admin)




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