Willows were dancing alone in the wind.

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   There is a willow tree swaying with green onion beside the lotus fragrance pavilion. in front of the lotus fragrance pavilion is a lotus pond with soft clear water.. When I was in high school, I came to study under the willow trees near the lotus fragrance pavilion every morning. I also came to study with Fang zi, a smart girl in my class.. Willow, green lotus and clear water contrast each other, creating a special quiet learning environment in gentle.. When the lotus blooms out of the water, you can also see that the wind combs the willow twigs with a clear rhyme.. It is this place that should be quiet and suitable for learning that makes scientific knowledge flow into my brain like water flowing into inside.. In the spring and autumn period, the sky has not let anyone down. Fang Zi and I went hand in hand, and our academic results became the highest in the same grade in our school.. In the college entrance examination, Fang Zi was admitted to Zhongshan Medical University, and I was admitted to Nankai University's Chinese major.. When I was about to enter college, Fang Zicheng and I made an appointment to take a look at the willow tree by the lotus fragrance pavilion. We came to the shade of the tree and had a happy review of our study and life in high school together for several years.. Finally, we talked about the upcoming college life. We all took out each other's college admission notices. At this moment, Fang Zi's voice was slightly Exhalation, and I said, "What's the matter?"? "Fang Zi said:" We will not study together 汇盛国际 in the future. "Hearing Fang Zi's words, I looked up wistfully at the willow tree in front of me, at the lotus fragrance pavilion in front of me, at a graceful lotus blossom in inside of the lotus pond," eh "responded in a low voice, and our eyes briefly looked at each other.. Then I will recite the impromptu ready-made words:

   Autumn is clear and bright.

   The lotus blooms.

   Famous schools are on the list.

   Under this tree, in front of the pavilion, by the pool

   No longer are you and I good at reading.

   Learning is a long way off.

   Every day,

   This is a special and different article.

   From then on, the school inside, the garden, the room

   It is only difficult to meet each other..

   The wind blows,

   Liu zhi dance,

   Each went his own way.

   Later in the village, on the court, beside the road

   I'm sure we'll get along very well with each other.!

   After reciting it, Fang Zi and I looked at the Lotus Pavilion, at the blooming lotus flowers and at the willow trees that accompanied us in our study. We must do everything else in front of us, and sadly suddenly came to our mind.. At this time, the autumn wind is blowing, we move step away, Fang zi and I will also be poles apart, with different goals. The willow tree will become solitary because of our parting, only the willow branches scattered and fluttering alone in the wind.! Author: Canghai Boat





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