I rise and fall in the sea of inside

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   I finally understand that the sea is just like a sea of people.

   Empty, silent, sad

   The moment I fell into it, there was, in the sea of inside

   The feeling of struggle

   I was held up again and again by the waves.

   Swallowed by the sea, I tasted it

   Bitter as tears, clear and salty.

   I follow the waves up and down.

   Close your eyes, every drop of tears

   Don't feel lonely, so I saw

   Countless spray blooms "Meiwen Net"

   Countless seagulls fly, each one

   Meet my life and start dancing with me.

   I would rather drown in this happy sea.

   Become your sea inside, forever fish

   In an instant, huge and qualitative changes have taken place in my body.

   The tumor that hurts to love you

   Those hands tortured 汇盛国际 by life into canker

   And my bloodless heart and dry throat

   Everything! Everything is soaked in bitter salt water.

   Those cancer cells that were killed were buried at the bottom of the sea.

   I am so clean, the sea

   The sea connects with the sky and with me.

   I rise and fall in the sea inside, let the sea kiss my whole body

   I am as tolerant as he is. Everything on earth

   So, I was naked

   Countless sea breeze like a sword, and split me into

   Like you, the waves are everywhere.

   By Aki Amin





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